An antiviral is a substance that battles against infections and hinders their development. A doctor may prescribe antiviral medications to help treat a viral infection, and people can use antiviral products to prevent the growth and spread of viruses.


Viruses are microscopic organisms that can infect animals, plants, fungi, and bacteria. Researchers suggest that viruses are the most abundant biological entity on the planet. The structure of viruses means that only antivirals can eliminate them — other medications, including antibiotics, are not effective.

VirusesTrusted Source consist of a protein coat, called a capsid, that surrounds core genetic material, which is either DNA or RNA. Infections can’t repeat without a host cell. Subsequently, to get by, infections should taint cells and utilize these cells to make duplicates of themselves. During the time spent doing this, they can kill these phones and cause harm to the host creature, which is the reason viral diseases can make individuals sick.

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