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What is Super P-Force

The P-force tablet: A game-changer for men suffering from erectile dysfunction

What is Super P-Force?

Super P Force for men is a prescription drug that helps men with erectile dysfunction by increasing blood flow to the penis.

Super P Force also helps to treat premature ejaculation.

Super P Force for men does not cure erectile dysfunction and is only used on an as-needed basis.

Super P Force comes in the form of 160 mg tablets.

It contains about 100 mg Sildenafil and 60 mg of Dapoxetine.

Super P Force can increase the process of ejaculation by 5 to 10 minutes.

It can give you a very satisfying sexual intercourse.

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How does Super P Force work?

There are many reasons why you should consider buying Super P Force for men.

Super P Force for men is the ultimate answer to erection problems, and the perfect treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Super P Force also treats premature ejaculation.

Super P Force for men is a prescription medication that you can get from your doctor to help with erection problems.

Super P Force for men works by helping the blood flow to your penis when you’re sexually excited, which helps you have an erection.

You can take Super P Force as needed, about 1 to 2 hours before sexual activity.

Super P Force can be taken alone or with other medications that are used to treat ED such as tadalafil or avanafil.

If you’re taking any nitrates such as Nitroglycerin for chest pain or high blood pressure, talk to your doctor first about using Super P Force because it can cause a dangerous drop in blood pressure.

You may require lower doses or longer time intervals between doses in.

How to use Super P Force?

Super P Force is taken orally by mouth.

You should take Super P Force once a day or as directed by the doctor.

Super P Force is usually taken at least 1 to 2 hours before any sexual activity or once in 24 hours.

Consult your doctor before using Super P Force and inform them if you have any other medical condition.

If you are taking Super P Force for Erectile Dysfunction, your doctor will probably start your medication on an average dose and can also increase or decrease on the basis of your response to the medication.

Take your tablets every day.

discuss your pharmacist for a copy of the manufacturer’s information for the patient.

Side effects of What is Super P-Force

Some side effects may appear after you take Super P Force such as flushing, warmth, redness, headache, dizziness, indigestion or insomnia.

Stuffy nose, nausea, upset stomach, abnormal vision, heartburn, runny nose or muscle and back pain.

Blurred vision, dry mouth, nosebleed, diarrhea.

Get medical help and stop using the drug right away if you notice any other side effects.

lasting damage can occur if you neglect this.

If you notice any other symptoms other than the given above, contact your doctor immediately.

Super P Force when drunk

You should not take Super P Force when you are drunk.

What is Super P-Force can cause dizziness and if you are drunk you will feel more dizzy.

Super P Force can also become very harmful if you intake it when you are drunk.

Do not drive or use any machines if you feel weakness.

If you feel dizzy, lay on the bed on your back and get up slowly if you feel better.

Super P Force when do you take it?

Super P Force for men is taken to treat Erectile dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation.

You should consult your doctor before using Super P Force.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist for help if you find any difficulties.

Will Super P Force cause rapid heartbeat?

Super P Force may cause rapid heartbeat.

If you start feeling unwell, inform your doctor immediately and ask for medical help.

Are Super P Force side effects temporary?

The side effects caused by Super P Force are temporary in men.

If the side effects are still not gone after an hour or two, inform your doctor immediately and ask for medical help.


Before using Super P Force, inform your doctor if you are allergic to it.

Even if you have other allergies, discuss with your doctor about that too.

Other problems or allergies can take place because of the inactive ingredients present in Super P Force.

counsel a specialist about your clinical records prior to utilising the medicine, particularly in the event that you experience the ill effects of heart issues, for example, coronary failure, chest torment or sporadic heartbeat.

Assuming you experience the ill effects of kidney illness, high or low pulse, iron deficiency, leukemia, abrupt loss of vision, eye issue, priapism, drying out.


Super P Force can make you dizzy which can cause vision problems.

Taking alcohol or drugs with Super P Force can cause more dizziness, do not dive or using any other machines until you feel sober.

Limit your alcoholic beverages.

Inform your doctor if you are using alcohol or any other drug.


If somebody shows serious symptoms because of an overdose take them to the hospital as soon as possible.

Symptoms of overdose may be trouble in breathing, dizziness, fainting or prolonged erection.

Missed dose

If you forget a dose, consume it as soon as possible.

Try the timer to take your medication or take it at the same time every day.


maintain it at room temperature, away from hotness and dampness.

Get the drug far from children and creatures.

Dispose of the item appropriately when terminated or at this point not required.

Try not to toss in the dustbin or flush in the latrine except if trained to do as such.